Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wives of Simeon Adams Dunn

Does anyone have any photos of the EIGHT wives of Simeon Adams Dunn?

I only have 2/8:
1) Adaline Rawson
2) Margaret Snyder
3) Jane Caldwell
4) Harriet Silver Dunn

5) Abigail Brandon
6) Kezia Fowler
7) Elizabeth Wickham
8) Mary McRee


  1. I have always had a record of my grandmother 1. Adaline RAWSON. and 2. Margaret Snyder 3. Jane Caldwell Waite Kelsey Dunn 4. Harriet Atwood Silver 5. Abagail Stoddard and 6. Elizabeth Wickham.

    I find Kezia Bronson at new.familysearch. born
    1816 married 14 jan. 1860 President's Office, SLC.

    You have 5. Abigail Bronson, 6. Kezia Fowler and 8. Mary McRee where did you get these wives from? Have you got wedding dates?

  2. Abigail Brandon married to Simeon on 31 Jul 1858. Keziah Fowler married to Simeon on 14 Jan 1860. Mary McRee married to Simeon on 22 Feb 1868.

  3. Can you tell me where you obtained the picture of Keziah Fowler she is my 3rd great grandmother. I have never seen this before, it's great.