Monday, April 13, 2009

Simeon A. Dunn's genealogy trip back East

Prior to his death, Simeon Adams Dunn, wrote a short autobiography.
[Gee, does anyone know who has the original?
Does anyone have a photocopy of the handwritten document?]
In this autobiography he states:
"On October 19, 1871, I left Brigham City on a mission to look up the genealogy of my dead friends, which proved to be a very successful mission. I returned home July 19,1874, having traveled 10,000 miles on rail. On November 1, 1877, I was privileged with a mission to St. George, Utah, to officiate for my dead in the holy Temple of our God. On January 27, 1878, I returned home, having accomplished the desire of my heart for this time in this direction."
I assume that Simeon Adams Dunn, like most LDS patriarchs of this time period kept two important documents: a personal journal or diary, and a temple book.
[Gee, does anyone know where Simeon Dunn’s personal journal went? Have a photocopy?
Does anyone know where Simeon Dunn’s temple book went? Have a photocopy?]
Anyway, about two years ago when I decided to start working on the Dunn line, I had an impression that the best way to pursue research was to focus on the names Simeon collected on his trip mentioned above. Since his journal and temple book seem to be lost, myself and others have tried to reconstruct the list based on the IGI and/or ordinance index records and temple records left behind.
I have completed an updated excell table with about 165 of the names I have so far of people who Simeon was connected to. The first column is the person’s name. The second column is the data Simeon provided to the temple—the exception being a few of the wives he was married to which I just added to the list. The third column is my current understanding of how Simeon is related to the person. And the fourth column is my current understanding of where these people lived.
Myself, my sister, and neice—as well as perhaps many of you—have analyzed this data in several different formats. I would be interested in other people’s "lists" of who Simeon found on his trip if they are out there. If you would like a copy of the excell spreadsheet or the text extracted from the temple films, please email me at as I could not figure out how to post a spreadsheet.


  1. If you send it to me, I can post it.

  2. There are two men named Simeon Adams Dunn. One was born in 1803 in New York and died in 1883 in Brigham City Utah. The other was born 1851 in Salt Lake city and died in 1935 in Alamosa, Colorado.

    I have seen the second Simeon Adams Dunn's (1851-1935) personal Journal. I don't have the original document, but do I have a photocopy of it.

  3. You can get the Spreadsheet Karen was talking about here:

  4. I got this email from Ann Bingham. Thought it might be interesting for you all.
    [what became of this personal journal???]
    Eva dunn is my Aunt. when my mother and I visited her in her home in Nibley, Utah a lot of years ago for Dunn genealogy, I asked her about the Simeon Adams Dunn Diary. She told me that a Dunn cousin came to her home and wanted to borrow it so she could type it. Aunt Eva told her that she would do it herself (she had already typed excerpts from it for our Dunn Clan Book) that she didn't want to lend it to anyone for fear it would be lost to the family. The cousin insisted that she take it and promised she would get it back to her. Aunt Eva told me that she thinks that just because she was from the first child (Mary Dunn Ensign) that she should have the right to take it. Anyway - when Aunt Eva tried to get it back, the cousin told her that she was very sorry, but she had misplaced it. Aunt Eva tried several times to obtain it and when the cousin got old she went to the daughter and told her that she needed to get it from her mother before it was lost from the family. They never gave it back to her and still insisted that it had been lost. She told me the name of the cousin but I was young and didn't write it down. Aunt Eva did write a letter to my cousin telling her the same thing. I used to have the letter - but I think its with the rest of Aunt Eva's books that are with my cousin and his wife in Logan - Irv and Shirley Dunn. They took over as genealogists from Aunt Eva.

    I have contacted quite a few of the Ensign family to see if they knew the whereabouts of the diary but no one seems to know anything about it. Ann