Thursday, April 9, 2009

Known Silver Photos

Here are the known Silver Photos I have. Does anyone have additional photos or know any information about these photos? Does anyone have a better quality photo?

Arad Silver:

Sophia E. Nichols Silver:

Harriett Atwood Silver Dunn and Girls:

Photo taken about 1852 (while Simeon was serving in the South Sea Islands Mission)
Back row: Susannah Dunn (b. 1843 – age 9); Harriet Atwood Silver; Mary Dunn (b. 1833 – age 19); Betsy Dunn (b. 1838 – age 14)
Front row: Simeon A. Dunn (b. 1851 – age 1); Samual*; Sarah Sophia Dunn (b. 1849 – age 3)

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  1. Thanks to Nancy Watson for this restored image of Harriett and her children (repaired in 1982). Eva Snow had the original.