Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anyone live near Salt Lake City?

I just found out about the Pioneer Memorial Museum in Salt Lake City. The Pioneer Memorial Museum (also known as DUP Museum) located in Salt Lake City, Utah, houses the world's largest collection of artifacts on one subject and features displays and collections of memorabilia from the time the earliest settlers entered the Valley of the Great Salt Lake until the joining of the railroads at a location known as Promontory Point, Utah, on May 10, 1869.

Among other things, it has photos and histories of early Utah pioneers. I looked for Dunn photos in their index and found the following. These are all photos of Simeon Adams Dunn, his wives, and his children. There are also histories there. Is there anyone who can drop by and take a look? I would be willing to pay for digital copies of the photos if they are different or of better quality than what I have (See

Last NameGiven NameMaiden NameBirth DateDeath Date
DunnCharles Oscar 13 Oct 18553 Mar 1939
DunnHarriett AtwoodSilver22 Jul 19192 Jan 1858
DunnJoseph Moroni 12 Feb 18473 Aug 1912
DunnSimeon Adams 7 Aug 180322 Feb 1883
EnsignMary AdelineDunn2 Nov 18338 Nov 1920
WaiteJaneCaldwell27 Mar 180927 Sep 1891
BrownMary AnnMcRee 28 Oct 1820-211 Nov 1907


  1. Cameron,
    My daughter, Karen, is in Salt Lake and had planned to go to the DUP Museum to get some histories. I will have her check on the pictures you mention above.
    Paula Paradise

  2. Awesome ... I am going to try and visit the museum while I am in Utah, hopefully on Tuesday, May 26th. I have a list of 33 photos I want to look up. :)