Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wives of Simeon Adams Dunn

I have eight wives for Simeon Adams Dunn. These are women he was married to while he was living. The women you mention that you do not have were married for time only.1. Adaline Rawson- sealed
2. Margaret Snyder-sealed
3. Jane Caldwell Waite-not sealed in life, and no record of marriage
4. Harriet Atwood Silver-sealed
5. Abigail Brandon. Married for Time only. Married 31 July 1858.Abigail Brandon married first: Lyman Stoddard 11 July 1842. They had no children. Still looking for a death date and place for her.She and Simeon were divorced 4 Apr 1864. Abigail is listed in the household of Simeon Adams Dunn in the 1860 Census.
6. Keziah Fowler married to Simeon Adams Dunn for Time only 14 Jan 1860 Endowment House.Keziah Fowler married first: George Washington Brandon (Brother of Abigail Brandon Stoddard) 6 Oct 1831.I wonder how much time she and Simeon actually lived together. In the 1860 Census she is listed in Brigham City with three of her children. I have not found her in the 1870 Census. In the 1880 Census she is living in Ophir, Tooele County. She died in Centerville.
7. Elizabeth Wickham sealed 15 Apr 1865. Probably divorced. Although the temple record does not show a cancellation of sealing, the temple department indicates we should assume the sealing was cancelled.Elizabeth and Simeon had two children:Ephriam Wickham Dunn and Lorenzo Dunn.Elizabeth Wickham married and was sealed to Richard Jones 8 Feb 1870. They had 7 children.
8. Mary McCree married Simeon Adams Dunn for time only 22 Feb 1868 in the endowment house.She married first: George Black who died in 1845 of Malaria in Nauvoo. She married second James Brown. James Brown was the Captain of Company C. of the Mormon Batallion and Mary crossed the plains with the Mormon Batallion. They had 5 children. Third she married Simeon Adams Dunn. She is listed with Simeon and his family in the 1870 census.She is not listed with Simeon in the 1880 Census, so she probably returned to living with one of her children. She died in Ogden, Utah in 1907.
I would enjoy knowing if anyone has any additional information.
Paula Paradise


  1. Hey cousins! I just came across this blog. Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just came across another bit of info on Simeon -- you've probably heard of this, but I didn't know he had secured a patent and was a constable.