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Information on the various James Dunns

But we do know that a child was born to Jane Caldwell. Joseph Moroni went by the name of Kelsey until he was half grown. But as a young adult was taken into Simeon's family and helped his father in Brigham City while Simeon went on one of his missions. At that time he took the Dunn name.

So, my sister, who lives in Brigham City, finally chased down a Waite who lives up in the same area. They give a similar story-but no proof. So here we stay stuck. Why, why, why did Simeon never mention that part of his life? Who knows!

But on to the brother James. This story gets very complicated for everybody but I have proven it. You have to graph out the family for a couple of generations to get the picture.
There were three James Dunns.
born in 1788-James born to Thomas Dunn and Susannah Swayze (great-uncle and great-aunt to Simeon Adams--Thomas son of William Dunn and Esther
born in 1793-James born to Samuel Dunn and Phoebe Coykendall (great-uncle and great-aunt to Simeon Adams--Samuel son of William and Esther
born in 1810-James born to Simeon Dunn and Sally Bath (grandchild of Simeon Dunn and Ann Gustin, brother to Simeon Adams

The second James (1793) was the other James in Nauvoo, the one who wrote the diary, was in the Mormon Battalion, and settled in Cache County, Utah. He was the one who worked with the lyme or brick building. The church records on James Dunn combines this one with ours. You have to be extremely careful with their records. When you visit Nauvoo, go to the old cemetery to the sextants office and they will show you the listing of OUR James Dunn's burial. There is no headstone but they have him recorded.

The brother James is the one who converted Simeon. There has got to be quite a record for him. Wish he had a journal. Luckily the cousin James wrote his beautiful diary which confirms so beautifully the family connections.

- Susan Vowels Smith

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  1. I need more information to connect the cousin into the family.

    Could you give the pedigrees from simeon A. Dunn and Sarah/Sally Bath:
    cousin James DUNN (1788)
    cousin James DUNN(1793)

    I have this one...
    James DUNN b.1810 m. Martha HOSMER buried in Nauvoo was brother of Simeon Adams DUNN.